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    Transforming businesses

    We offer advisory services to analyze, design and implement comprehensive solutions for software development (from inception to post-implementation services), enabling our clients to solve and/or improve their business processes and meet their needs. Our services enable us to reconsider, develop and strengthen their current systems. The Soft/M team has the necessary experience to understand the specific needs of every organization, and the capability to create value by exercising their problem-solving skills and designing solutions.


    Software development

    We develop software products that enable you to improve your organization, business and operations processes. We provide the support and advisory throughout the development phases.


    Our advisory services help you develop your ideas, identify areas of opportunity, establish E2E solutions (End to End) to meet your needs and requirements, employing a team of experts including Business Analysts, as well as Technical and Management Teams.

    Digital transformation

    We provide advisory, guidance and help you through your company’s digital transformation process, transforming your manual processes into digital processes, where automation and digital information become the most important competitive advantage!


    Get in the cloud, we’ll show you how. Take advantage of all technological, financial, safety and strong competitive advantages, offered by this new platform.

    IT Outsourcing

    We provide outsourcing services in Project Management, Development, QA & Testing, to help you execute any software project your organization requires.

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